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memoir of a whore

I don't have any pictures.. because well, i dont have a scanner... but eventually I'll get some online, because I have a friend w/a scanner..

The Application:
1.Name- gia
2.Age- 16
4.Occupation/Level Of Education-sophomore
5.Sexual Preference-bi
6.5 favorite Bands-my chemical romance, scarling, rammstein, rasputina, msi
7.5 Least favorite Bands-nile, good charlotte, d12, simple plan..
8.Favorite Book/breif summary- petals on the wind... the girl, catherine.. is fueled by hatred.. and is on revenge mission... and she goes through a couple lovers and lots of heartbreak and people dying.
9.Favorite Movie-spirited away
10.Veiw on Gay Rights-they should have the same rights as people who aren't gay.
11.Veiw on Animal Rights-i'm in peta, heh. i know animals and humans arent exactly equal, but people still need to respect animals.
12:Drugs And Alcohol-i avoid them if i can..
13.Do You Have Any Body Mods-no
14.Favorite Quote- I really dont have one
15.Veiw on Abortion- i am pro-choice.. but that doesnt mean i'm pro-abortion.
16.Tell Us Something interesting about youself... I have OCD..
17.Marital Status-in <3
18.Favorite Song-cruxshadows-winterborn
19.Why Should we accept you? because i have a kitty cat. yup lol..
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