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Woohoo! The first time I haven't had to worry about being rejected!!!

Even thoe Im automatically accepted...

1.Name: Ella
2.Age: 13
3.Location: London
4.Occupation/Level Of Education: Student, year nine
5.Sexual Preference: Straight
6.5 favorite Bands: Hole, Auf Der Maur, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Bratmobile
7.5 Least favorite Bands: Jet!, Beastie Boys, All Boy Bands, McFly, Busted
8.Favorite Book/breif summary: Doll, about a girl who can communicate with her doll. She starts having trouble at school and starts cutting herself and the doll starts to blackmail and betray her.
9.Favorite Movie: The Virgin Suicides
10.Veiw on Gay Rights: Gay. Straight. Bi. ALL should have equal rights, there like any other individual, who likes a different... flavour
11.Veiw on Animal Rights: Animals should also have the same rights as humans. You wouldn't like it if you were tested on, beaten up out of pure fustration and taken away from your homes?
12:Drugs And Alcohol: Live how you wanna?! If you wanna throw away your life by becoming a junkie or alchoholic then fine. But it's down to you in the end. I have no problem with any one who takes drugs or drinks alchohol just as long as you are still in control.
13.Do You Have Any Body Mods: I have an ear peircing each since I was three, no tatoos.
14.Favorite Quote: Lots but...
"Somebody wrote "How can she rock in a Versace gown?" Well easy, let me show you."
--- Courtney Love in 1997
15.Veiw on Abortion: I think it's appropriate in some circumstances like - if your really young and incapable of looking after a baby and couldnt handle giving it away. Or if you were raped and think you wouldnt be able to handle it.
16.Tell Us Something intresting about youself: When I was born I wasn't breathing, so I guess that kinda made me kind of dead. I am also really daunt looking because I am sleep deprived 'cause I have insomnia. Luck ol' me lol
17.Marital Status: Never been married, Im single
18.Favorite Song: 'Doll Parts' By Hole... there are others
19.Why Should we accept you? Ha ha ha ha ha! Im already accepted so =P
On holiday, v.recent, with baby bro callum

At the camel park pool... WOW! She giggles!

Didnt say it had to be recent, well I was cuter then!!! lol
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